What differentiates Us?

– Child centric approach rather than teacher centric
– Philosophy & method incorporating best practices from other early childhood philosophies
– Goes way beyond song & dance routines, nursery rhymes and simple playing with toys
– Strong focus on a structured curriculum
– Comprehensive set of objectives for the overall development of the child
– Materials and tools for learning designed for the curriculum
– A methodology that instills a sense of purpose & interest to work hard in the child
– Revolutionary assessment technique
– A structured learning program for the overall development of the child
– Tight integration between curriculum objectives, materials, activities, teacher training & assessment ensuring there is no disconnect.


Development in early years happens at a phenomenal speed and is constantly varying. Hence, assessment in early years has to be a continuous process. We have a system that constantly checks on the child’s progress and helps us keep updates and records about the child more efficiently. This helps us share information with parents also on a regular basis.  Constant assessment keeps the teachers completely keyed in with the progress of the child which enables us to keep challenging the child and hence we can avoid a situation where the child is bored or has lost interest.