Individualized Curriculum

Individualized learning, or individualized instruction, is a method of teaching practiced at Shri Agashtiyaa – A Structured Preschool, in which content, instructional technology, and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interest of each child.

Closely related to personalized learning, goals based on curriculum design and standards may be the same for all children, but the individual learning profile and plan for each child may vary. This is because each child progresses through the material at different speeds, according to his or her own learning needs and abilities. For example, a child might take longer to progress through a given topic, skip topics that cover information already known, or repeat topics on which they need more help. 

Adaptive learning technology is an important way to individualize learning. Providing truly differentiated and individualized instruction has been a goal of Shri Agashtiyaa. Adaptive learning in particular tailors learning to the individual child and provides many benefits to the child and the teacher.